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    A Look at the Trendy Hair Cuts and Styles to Inspire Your Fall Look

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Fall is the perfect time to experiment with a new look, and a new haircut can help you jump right into a seasonal style. If you are ready to welcome the cooler weather with a more fall-appropriate look, make an appointment at a hair salon and start thinking about some of the following styles:

    A Tight, Structured Bun

    Polish your appearance this autumn with a tight, structured bun that looks professional enough to wear to work and stylish enough to sport for an evening on the town. This hairstyle provides an ideal foundation for the perfect fall outfit and goes well with a wide assortment of fabulous accessories, including earrings and necklaces that can give the wearer a stylish edge.

    Loose, Luscious Waves

    Ask your hairstylist to give you some layers during your next salon appointment so you can add some long, sexy waves to your fall look. With a curling iron and a comb, you can easily add a bit of movement and height to your hair with a fun, flirty style perfect.

    Sultry, Rounded Bangs

    Frame your eyes perfectly with long, rounded bangs that hug the contours of your face. Your stylist can cut your fringe to perfection so you can achieve this chic look in time for all of your big fall plans. Make sure to blow dry your bangs as soon as you get out of the shower so you can keep this trendy style looking good.

    Come to Shirley & Company Hair Design to try out a new style for the season. With our Keratin treatments, hair color correction, and wide selection of hair pieces, we can find you a look that works with your style. To learn more about our haircut and color services in Bryn Mawr, visit our website or call (610) 616-3556.

    When to Consider Professional Hair Extensions

    Last updated 6 months ago

    It should come as no surprise that so many women have jumped on board the trend to get professional hair extensions. From the styling versatility to the instant transformation that they offer, there are countless reasons why hair pieces and extensions are a great investment. Here's a closer look at when you should consider professional hair extensions:

    To Achieve a Formal Up Do

    Are you getting ready to be a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding, or have you recently been invited to a formal ball? If you're required to put on a beautiful dress and heels for a fancy occasion in the near future, consider completing your look with an elegant updo hair extension. Extensions provide you with more hair to work with to achieve a more tailored or voluminous style.

    To Make Growing Out Short Hair Easier

    Another perfect occasion for professional hair extensions or a hair piece is when you’re waiting for your hair to grow back. If you have a short haircut and wish to have long, flowing hair again until your own hair grows back, book a visit with your Bryn Mawr salon professional. With longer hair, you can get back to sporting your favorite flirty ponies, updos, and fun fishtails.

    To Keep Up with the Latest Trends

    Many Bryn Mawr salon clients are treating themselves to a professional hair extension service in order to keep up with some of the hottest fashion and hairstyle trends being showcased right now. From side braids to spiral, bedhead curls, there are a ton of long hair style looks making a wave on runways and in fashion magazines.

    If you are thinking of getting professional hair extensions, be sure to consult your haircare professional at Shirley & Company Hair Design. Our expert team has years of experience applying extensions, and we offer affordable maintenance costs for keeping your new locks looking great. Call (610) 616-3556 to discuss the possibility of receiving beautiful extensions for your hair. 

    Taking a Closer Look at Split Ends

    Last updated 6 months ago

    One common reason for clients to book a haircut appointment with their salon is because they have split ends. Contrary to popular belief, split ends cannot be remedied using a special process or treatment, and have to be cut off by a stylist to be removed. They occur for a number of different reasons; however, the most common causes are damage brought on by hair straighteners and irons, exposure to harmful UV rays, and harsh hair products. To avoid finding these pesky ends too frequently, it's a good idea to make regular visits to your Bryn Mawr salon for a haircut or trim.

    If you're looking for ways to avoid developing split ends, be sure to speak to your stylist at Shirley & Company Hair Design during your next visit. From recommending new products to giving advice on hair care routines, our trained staff can provide you with the tips you need to keep your hair looking its best. Call (610) 616-3556 to book an appointment with us today.

    "Shirley is the only person who can get my hair color right." | Shirley & Company Hair Design Review

    Last updated 6 months ago

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    • Coming here for 20 years! That says it all. Shirley is the only person who can get my hair color right. She is a pistol & also fun to be around.


    Reasons to Avoid Dyeing Your Hair at Home

    Last updated 6 months ago

    While you may view home hair dye as an easy, inexpensive alternative to professional salon coloring, the truth is that dyeing your hair on your own is no simple feat, and often ends up causing more damage than expected. From heads of bright orange hair to brassy, striped locks, hair color correction specialists have seen a variety of bad at-home color jobs in dire need of fixing. Here are just a few of the reasons to avoid dyeing your hair at home:

    Box Display Photos Can Be Deceiving

    With so many color options to choose from among at-home dye kits, it can be nearly impossible to select the option that is best suited to your needs. Furthermore, many professional hairstylists and hair care experts agree that the color depicted on the box is often unachievable because of the dyers’ pre-existing hair color and other biological factors.

    Achieving Total Coverage Is a Challenge

    One of the biggest mistakes that women make when attempting to dye their hair is failing to cover their entire head. No matter how hard you may try to get those hard-to-reach areas fully covered, you simply don't have eyes in the back of your head. By the time you notice the missed spot or spots, it can be tricky to cover them without altering the surrounding color.

    Correcting At-Home Color Can Be Costly

    If you are considering switching from hair salon color care to at-home care in an attempt to save money, you should know that you may wind up paying more in the long run. Hair color correction experts often have to strip the hair or condition it in a special manner to prepare the hair for new color following a box-kit disaster. These additional services can add up and leave you spending more than you would have if you went to the salon initially.

    When it comes to achieving beautiful, natural-looking hair color, the professionals at Shirley & Company Hair Design excel. We offer standard and corrective coloring services using the best products on the market, including peroxide-free stains. Call (610) 616-3556 to learn more about our hair care philosophy.

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